Vårt arbetslag präglas av god sammanhållning och hantverksskicklighet där det stora naturintresset och fascinationen för träd förenar oss.

Trädmästarna utvecklades efter starten 1995 till ett trädvårdsföretag om ett 20-tal erfarna arborister. Det visade sig snart att tjugo medarbetare var den optimala storleken för oss, tillräckligt många för att ha kapaciteten att effektivt kunna utföra större trädvårdsuppdrag men samtidigt inte för många och där med riskera att tappa kontrollen över kvalité och säkerhet.


Andrew Fisher

Arbetsledande arborist

August Wiking


Chris Callinan

Arbetsledande arborist

Christofer Olsson


Daniel Daggfeldt

VD och konsulterande arborist

David Rimmel


Guy Blackwood


Hamish Hellier

Arbetsledande arborist

John Brannon

Arbetsledande arborist

Jörg Roepcke

Trädkonsult och certifierad besiktningsman

Niclas Forssblad


Oli Cameron

Arbetsledande arborist

Sean Daley

Arbetsledande arborist

Thomas Welin


Vi minns

Daryl Platton 1990-09-04 – 2012-03-30

Daryl was a kind and gentle soul, short on words, big in heart.

On the 30th of March 2012 at around twelve thirty we forever lost our friend and colleague Daryl Platton. He was driving to a job, as we all do everyday, when he was involved in a fatal car accident.

He had only been in Sweden for two of his twenty-one years, but in that small space of time he made a big impression on us all. His love, enthusiasm, and skill for his work were an inspiration to all of us. His liking for lifting heavy objects springs to mind. He must have been taught well and been a great student because we received a well-rounded professional arborist skilled beyond his years.

Daryl was a kind and gentle soul, short on words, big in heart (and muscles). We choose not to think of the over-bearing tragedy of his death, but rather remember his life. His ever-present goofy smile made us all smile, and kept us smiling.

Daryl moved to Sweden to kick-start his adventure through adult life. The profound effect he had on us in such a short space of time…, one can only imagine what he could have and would have gone on to do. But all our hard work, achievements, and accomplishments shall forever be shared with him. We all owe him so much.

Daryl was one of those people that you meet in life who had such an uplifting influence on so many. He will be sadly missed by all of those who knew him.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

The work comrades at Trädmästarna.